Department of Justice (DOJ) antitrust lawyers are “nearing a recommendation” to block Comcast’s proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable, Bloomberg reported today.
To prevent the merger, the DOJ would have to sue in federal court and prove that the transaction is likely to reduce competition. The DOJ has made no public announcement, but Bloomberg cited anonymous sources while reporting that “The antitrust lawyers will present their findings to Renata Hesse, a deputy assistant attorney general for antitrust, who will decide, along with the division’s top officials, whether to file a federal lawsuit to block the deal.”The findings could be submitted as soon as next week, Bloomberg wrote.
There is also a separate review underway at the Federal Communications Commission that could block the deal if it finds it is not in the public interest. The FCC could also approve the deal and impose conditions designed to benefit consumers, as it did when Comcast bought NBCUniversal in 2011.
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