Updated devtoolset-3-gdb packages that fix several bugs are now available forRed Hat Developer Toolset 3.1.

The GNU Debugger (GDB) allows users to debug programs written in variousprogramming languages including C, C++, and Fortran. The devtoolset-3-gdbpackages provide the Red Hat Developer Toolset version of GDB.The devtoolset-3-gdb packages have been upgraded to upstream version 7.8.2,which provides a number of bug fixes and several minor improvements over theprevious version. Among others: * Compatibility with Virtual Dynamic Shared Objects (vDSO) from Linux kernelbuilt with the new binutils ld linker has been fixed. (BZ#1145261)* A regression, which caused the readline function in GDB to crash when acommand was typed while annotations were in effect, has been fixed. (BZ#1151332)* A new command, “add-auto-load-scripts-directory <directory>”, has been added.It adds entries to the list of directories from which automatically loadedscripts are loaded. * The gdb/jit-reader.h header file is now installed in the include directory, sothat it can be used for writing readers for parsing custom debugging informationformats.Note that Fortran slices and sub-matrices, for example, expressions like”a(2,2:3)”, “a(1,2:)”, “a(:,:)”, or “a(:)”, are not supported in this releasealthough they were supported in Red Hat Developer Toolset 2 releases.Users of devtoolset-3-gdb are advised to upgrade to these updated packages,which fix these bugs.
Before applying this update, make sure all previously released errata relevantto your system have been applied.For details on how to apply this update, refer to:https://access.redhat.com/articles/11258Red Hat Software Collections 1 for RHEL 6

    MD5: cd10afe46b76bfeb7e147de7da1e5a33SHA-256: 180e0d472a7e8660a155317030d6f7c670974549a210c00fb4fd97181c5f2d4c
    MD5: 6dab523738852dcd0511e5111a2d85efSHA-256: 9190ecb3f75f1b9720256ea7eda91c080272d75bcac4387d198b5f510c144a32
    MD5: b57d3052e234311c9156df830b6bafa2SHA-256: 4bd65fdf075caf7914ef7a863f74d76a9ed89d00e17b3dfa79753fefe103ec29
    MD5: 58f8b7e9aabb5743709c18d82765ca6aSHA-256: b4f68db271c5d9f93f368e215150dcfc7d16c15f40784305d1b86aca018c144f
    MD5: 25a4d792dda416d653638fe0c022383fSHA-256: b8453bec6fabd5c52fdf5c1fdc1ad4b239254ba77a1296ee8fe3d7cc1cdbc322
Red Hat Software Collections 1 for RHEL 7

    MD5: 6c67e8929119885b292641c72252d350SHA-256: aee00c5e12b576be5fd1ea7f221abf9cb1e389d501991c69b3e2621d5549129c
    MD5: c8f51abd2584bffed331df3beff5582aSHA-256: 9e4faec271b02528d75b16c2f6b733855ad823fe2bdd61a78163586e5abbc96a
    MD5: eafbe45ea86744e75357339d3f216104SHA-256: 930bc99e0e01b1108850b2e3f6aae89b965065f758ab0be599bf1af05a733486
    MD5: 9425019975bb61fcd89beee9e70420a4SHA-256: c91416f93feb543db57fc28786eadf063cbb250710578c67a527330e2447d3bf
    MD5: da149825513db2bbe6947f37c7bd2a87SHA-256: d954e7a88d251971882d6ba4cdcd1131a544ad0e11d301a2a6c709a26a693a65
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1145261 – Regression for vDSO built with new binutils ld1151332 – Regression with annotations, input while executing in the foreground crashes readline/GDB

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