Updated devtoolset-3-valgrind packages that fix several bugs and add variousenhancements are now available for Red Hat Developer Toolset 3.1.

Valgrind is an instrumentation framework that is used for debugging memory,detecting memory leaks, and profiling applications. The devtoolset-3-valgrindpackages provide the Red Hat Developer Toolset version of Valgrind.The devtoolset-3-valgrind packages have been upgraded to upstream version3.10.1, which provides a number of bug fixes and enhancements over the previousversion. Among others: * Error messages that include stack traces can now show inline function calls ifthe DWARF debugging information format is available. These can also be used insuppressions.* Error messages concerning dubious arguments (for example, to “malloc” or”calloc”) now include a stack trace and can be used in suppressions.* The C++ demangler has been updated for better C++11 support.* The Valgrind gdbserver functionality now supports the display of thread localvariables and storage (__thread).* Three new “monitor” commands have been added to Valgrind: “v.info location<address>” to show more information about an address; “v.info stats” to showvarious Valgrind core and tool statistics; “v.set hostvisibility”, which allowsValgrind gdbserver to provide access to Valgrind internal host status andmemory. * A new command line option, “–vgdb-stop-at=event1,event2,…”, which allowsthe user to ask the Valgrind gdbserver to stop at the start of programexecution, at the end of the program execution, and when Valgrind aborts oninternal errors.* In the Valgrind memcheck tool, the client code can now selectively disable andre-enable reporting of invalid address errors in specific ranges using newclient requests.* The Valgrind memcheck tool now supports more accurate checking of system-callparameters that use uninitialized fields in structures.* In the Valgrind memcheck tool, it is now possible to disable the mismatchedchecking of memory deallocation using the “free” or “delete” functions byspecifying the new “–show-mismatched-frees=no|yes” flag, with the default valuebeing “yes”.* In the Valgrind helgrind tool, more information about race conditions andlocks is now shown in error messages as the new Valgrind gdbserver “monitor”command returns the list of locks, their location, and their status.(BZ#1163976)This update also fixes the following bugs:* Previously, Valgrind did not recognize Intel Memory Protection Extensions(MPX) instructions or instructions using the MPX bnd prefix. As a consequence,when a program that used MPX instructions was run under Valgrind, Valgrind senta SIGILL signal to terminate this program. With this update, Valgrind recognizesthe new MPX instructions and bnd prefixes. All new MPX instructions arecurrently implemented as no operation instructions, and the bnd prefix isignored. As a result, programs using MPX instructions or bnd prefixes now rununder Valgrind as if the MPX was not enabled on the CPU, and the programs are nolonger terminated in this scenario. (BZ#1146038)* Valgrind was unable to emulate a total LL cache size other than a power oftwo. Consequently, when detecting CPU caches, Valgrind refused to run thecachegrind tool with the warning message “Cache set count is not a power oftwo.” With this update, Valgrind forces down the cache size it emulates to thenearest power of two below the value detected on the system. As a result, thecachegrind tool can now be run on systems that were detected as having a CPUcache size that was not a power of two. Additionally, cachegrind returns awarning message to indicate the difference between the detected or specifiedcache size and the emulated cache size. (BZ#1151356)Users of devtoolset-3-valgrind are advised to upgrade to these updated packages,which fix these bugs and add these enhancements.
Before applying this update, make sure all previously released errata relevantto your system have been applied.For details on how to apply this update, refer to:https://access.redhat.com/articles/11258Red Hat Software Collections 1 for RHEL 6

    MD5: 47b20878ffb0abc996b4770d35d76ad8SHA-256: e7c773681a6f3c81af755966ea8af18fc477af43c3bc4dfeaa40833247448277
    MD5: acf12c4945c47d8e92a460bbbeefc731SHA-256: 63eab6d8c606c4e56e8ba342419bc19560ecf221b02785c8105d97a1afe0e5c0
    MD5: 98f6ace0ae57fc194a62dce8095a5667SHA-256: cf553826a264e72bc976e5c93a290d9c4b7cc655ea337baa29dc8818f29b0600
    MD5: b53f4c2a7e89891897649bec7ede55aeSHA-256: 28fef5a70e5ea95e01c3cf92c7f1947196a441f8aafe6f07ba46885cd92a3402
    MD5: 927298731d5447a589e49eb657c9f279SHA-256: 8925aaacde307c38c2597076e0761da2989fb30342a22415f2693935b248a415
    MD5: 0794efd051a3f11d250c555d0ecc82b3SHA-256: 58f68e56f8726e467441db9a880ab8ad9d99e2765db535a647a36080431636c7
    MD5: 8b85762bb6fa1bfd4cb3a60c6e52ce8eSHA-256: 2ffcd7d8b069250821a0886337198e00d510ae66748574c2b878b3e629833793
    MD5: 570ac97e486035d069c9656177a1c521SHA-256: 09f07f4c58ab3176fea9880e85257c7a49b208c5ad82de54618f27a13808c9c1
    MD5: 3163570f5fb5249c837e9ab377fae381SHA-256: 7d986f4f8f4b940e6c5f450c22894c7f55cecd1c7f9fe449594f25cdc0a9439c
Red Hat Software Collections 1 for RHEL 7

    MD5: c7b4f6606478d75d12ad8fb3b3eb288fSHA-256: 91e19570b2a1f3a9c0bd0df0b9b45ec7fe1b8d9cbb3195ea7bceaa9f2fcfacd0
    MD5: c2e9786b33adb55b2950885ab6c7bd86SHA-256: 17f6fd1d673a9fecba9e7de76a660c03150166d284a9921ac07a8aeb757615b5
    MD5: 959150f264124f7ac107b40f6cf44a16SHA-256: d7211739e2c079ec96faab359ce902e4444832be73eadcb44dd10893d938b402
    MD5: 4d19c53a03b8ec03de5813072d750c33SHA-256: dac13d7ce895b373119fccc78fe9bd02b205945247f94d259d0a00a521117810
    MD5: 568acf61dbee6119ef9431cadb19fd3eSHA-256: 871ad80ea475b603aa0dad10c37cd771ecc59dbd9c4a12a47a938e42d7fd4a1f
    MD5: c5998c829ef5edea110c613cda7ac0abSHA-256: cdcdacf55533c1952d5948a5bf5b6e1b1557aca0193e379ade290f71677c2f52
    MD5: 2d27f1f98ba1bfb0f3d25451ed32c18fSHA-256: fd6d967416b26a3d1217ea3a4a74d45e1ba48d60158c6f731d280994299ed33a
    MD5: 0261c0093e1efa7e34000363605d23a0SHA-256: 76848d21657903e4fafff23a92248b78e087f85a9068ab33066411414c03a25c
    MD5: 1f88deec1598a9c4fbcbb90259eaa0afSHA-256: 88b222d2bf2b0a7bb17b2fcf4cfd3317835c84fb5c4f7e4d7b05c15b63ccd8f9
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1146038 – Valgrind does not recognize bndmov instruction

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