Famed Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins is asking its former employee Ellen Pao for $972,814 in costs after Pao lost in a high-profile gender discrimination jury trial against Kleiner. The firm has said that it will waive the request for costs if Pao, who is currently the interim CEO of reddit, agrees not to appeal the jury’s decision.
In 2012, Pao filed a lawsuit saying that she experienced harassment and sexism while working for Kleiner that the firm failed to discourage. She claimed that Kleiner didn’t promote her and instead promoted three less-qualified men after she complained about her treatment, and she also claimed that the company fired her in retaliation after she sued them for gender discrimination. Pao asked for $16 million in damages from lost wages.
After a five-week trial this March, the jury ruled that Kleiner did not discriminate against Pao because of her gender.
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