ESPN sued Verizon today to stop it from offering TV bundles that don’t include ESPN channels.
ESPN is one of several content providers that say Verizon’s new customizable TV bundles for FiOS customers violate programming contracts. The bundles let customers choose whether to get a package that includes channels such as ESPN and ESPN2 instead of requiring all customers to get the sports channels. While Verizon says it is allowed to offer the channels in this way, ESPN said that its “contracts clearly provide that neither ESPN nor ESPN2 may be distributed in a separate sports package.”
ESPN’s lawsuit, filed in New York Supreme Court, says ESPN “seeks specifically to enforce Defendant’s contractual obligations to Plaintiff, to enjoin Defendant from unfairly depriving Plaintiff of the benefit of its bargain, and to require Defendant to pay damages to Plaintiff in an amount consistent with (but not limited to) relevant provisions in the parties’ agreements.”
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