It’s been said that the larger the turnout at an IT security conference, the more it indicates that the bad actors are winning most of the battles. Well, the hackers certainly must have the upper hand because RSA Conference 2015 in San Francisco April 20-24 attracted a full house of some 30,000 people—enterprise IT managers and admins from all over the globe, vendors, analysts, journalists, entrepreneurs and others. Thousands more watched keynotes via streaming video. The U.S. federal government, with a lot at stake in rounding up vendors, the military, security experts and enterprises to join forces and present a united front, was highly visible all week. Valuable workshops, seminars and various other presentations took place in all three Moscone Center locations. Networking was king. But perhaps the most important overall message from the event was that security is definitely moving into a more proactive (think big data analytics) than reactive (think armored-car approach) mode, although both types are needed to do the job. Here are some selected highlights from the show as seen by eWEEK staff.

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