On Tuesday, Wired published an extensive feature on Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht’s rise and fall, which contains some new details surrounding the government-orchestrated fake execution of a Silk Road lieutenant, Curtis Green, better known as “chronic pain.”
As Ars reported at the end of the trial in February, Ulbricht was found guilty of seven charges including three drug counts: distributing or aiding and abetting the distribution of narcotics, distributing narcotics or aiding and abetting distribution over the Internet, and conspiracy to violate narcotics laws. His sentencing hearing is currently scheduled for May 15, 2015 in federal court in New York.
Wired detailed how one day in January 2013 Green received an unexpected package in the mail—it turned out to be cocaine sent as part of a federal bust. As soon as Green opened the package, a SWAT team stormed him and threw him to the ground, his two chihuahuas yapping around him. He immediately pleaded with the agents to not send him to prison, deathly afraid of Dread Pirate Roberts (DPR): “This guy’s got millions. He could have me killed.”
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