Updated OpenStack Telemetry packages that resolve various issues are nowavailable for Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 6.0 (Juno) forRHEL 7.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform provides the facilities forbuilding a private or public infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloudrunning on commonly available physical hardware. This advisory includespackages for:* OpenStack Telemetry serviceOpenStack Telemetry (ceilometer) collects customer usage data for meteringpurposes. Telemetry implements bus listener, push, and polling agents fordata collection. This data is stored in a database and presented via theREST API. In addition, Telemetry’s extensible design means it can beoptionally extended to gather customized data sets.This update addresses the following issues:* Capturing virtual machine memory usage is an useful metric to have inCeilometer. This update includes a new enhancement that implements memoryusage meter for virtual machines by inspecting libvirt ‘virDomainMemoryStats’.As a result, new usage metrics are captured by inspecting the relevantlibvirt APIs. (BZ#1200462)* Previously, OpenStack Telemetry did not handle a specific exception(AutoReconnect) when MongoDB ReplicaSet was used. As a result, reconnectionsdid not work properly.With this update, built-in handling in the ‘pymongo’ client is used to dealwith AutoReconnect gracefully. As a result, connection retry is handled inan acceptable fashion in both single and ReplicaSet installations. (BZ#1200473)* In order to consume lifecycle events on network service resources such asfirewall, load balancer and VPN services, this update adds a new enhancementfor capturing network services lifecycle event notifications. As a result, it includes new meters representing the support for consuming{FW|LB|VPN}aaS lifecycle events from OpenStack Networking. (BZ#1200495)* To capture rate based disk metrics, this update adds transformation rulesfor pre-device disk meters in order to derive per-second rates.As a result, new derived rate based disk metrics and samples aregenerated. (BZ#120051)* Previously, in some cases when using ‘libvirt’ driver, certain instancesdid not support usage metrics due to lack of balloon driver. This led to anunhandled exception that caused an Attribute error.This update adds checks in memory pollster to check if the object in ‘None’and skip the pollster and log a message. As a result, unhandled exceptionsare handled appropriately and logged. (BZ#1213471)
Red Hat OpenStack 6.0 for RHEL 7

    MD5: 89cda3a2c70b8e9fbdebb400427df909SHA-256: 12fbd94c2529c2c036f3746d06a20e622c30369fdcaa0217410b17877ecc5957
    MD5: 0b7fb3f3c62d14ac77f66be12d424c4aSHA-256: 64d9261063c4ae68ae2724b64a4b4e473a3db04f1f14aea7d8a3e9d7ff97a68a
    MD5: 6e55977bf8ab198f80b676315e01d868SHA-256: 564d6c996fa932ae89ba789fc5f4fbd7be4473fbac789c1467a910aa6abe6b33
    MD5: 3973a648692fa9ca52afb08dde4af1a5SHA-256: 8ed5fb05dbbd3f537fc9ccb5df74b43606716a1f4f2a4d2ed5f0bebc909ebf19
    MD5: 0003f5340f6d35f7e3c4d66ac5e1de90SHA-256: 0cfc6d12baa32f40346f5c4907af8961393a3899a90742e56b95ddeb454b5ea5
    MD5: ca2e36cbcb9e0538b30248c367423582SHA-256: 0a12d2b5a61282d31055f7ffb26b872393c6fc4b3ac76d69bdbb02fcfdf36d20
    MD5: 2759732f8432642eb243d4ba4fd6e993SHA-256: 4f1554b889b8e36c243bb42f8bae0caf6b04926fcdda3742462bac9a2252c62c
    MD5: eed1be53c484f9388694aa741d20b8f7SHA-256: e0fe82b70f22c5ac1f3322c49cb61e5fac92f5f5adb1486abcd5c6aa3cafc3df
    MD5: bada924815372694a31a35b666618490SHA-256: 6670716f83e197a7d7460f31cba4b4f21f5b6b123059c036fcb4817d87c81616
    MD5: 5d664259abce7f9bb3ae7ed42d52e356SHA-256: 28b01eaff2303299b7b43eea1ecda62e419aca5390683b01b4a6189daedf2a59
(The unlinked packages above are only available from the Red Hat Network)
1200462 – add memory stats meter to libvirt inspector1200473 – MongoDB – Fix bug with reconnection to new master node1200495 – Support for capturing network services notifications1200511 – Add per device rate metrics for instances1200515 – Add new notification types for volumes/snapshots1200519 – Add alarm_name field to alarm notification1210458 – Rebase openstack-ceilometer to 2014.2.31213471 – AttributeError may be raised if virt backend is libvirt in some case

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