In a court filing today (PDF), attorneys for former Kleiner Perkins employee Ellen Pao said that the venture capital firm’s $1 million request for costs after her recent gender discrimination trial is “improper under the law” and “grossly excessive and unreasonable.”
Kleiner recently prevailed in a jury trial brought by Ellen Pao, who asserted that the firm had discriminated against her by not promoting her after she raised complaints about harassment. In April, Kleiner filed a request asking her to reimburse the firm $972,814 in court costs, including $864,680 in expert witness fees, as well as $59,000 in deposition costs. Kleiner said that it would waive attorney’s fees.
Kleiner also noted in a press statement in April that it would waive all legal costs if Pao would agree not to seek an appeal. Pao’s attorneys had 15 days to respond to Kleiner’s request for costs. She has until June 8 to decide whether she will appeal or not. Reuters has noted that an appeal would be especially bold given that California Appeals Courts statistically side with juries more often than not on employment issues.
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