Online copyright enforcer Rightscorp contacts alleged Internet pirates, sometimes on their cell phones, and demands $20 per song from them. It’s a business that has led to tens of thousands of payment demands, but Rightscorp is far from profitable.
But Rightscorp needs cooperation from ISPs to get contact information for its targets, and many ISPs don’t cooperate. Now, one ISP, Birch Communications, has seen through the legal process, quashing a Rightscorp DMCA subpoena issued last September.
“Our first order of business when anyone requests access to a customer’s private information is to refuse, absent a valid subpoena or court order, which we then scrutinize as we did with Rightscorp’s illegal subpoena in this matter,” said Christopher Bunce, Senior VP and GC for Birch, in a press statement about the matter sent out today. “Rightscorp’s attempt to gain access to our customers’ data was in essence a piracy fishing expedition.”
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