Broadband industry trade groups have gone back to court, demanding an immediate halt to the Federal Communications Commission decision to reclassify Internet access as a common carrier service. The groups failed to convince the FCC itself that the order should not go into effect while it’s being appealed, but will try to win a stay from a judge.
Within the petition the groups filed today is an admission that the FCC decision is already making it difficult for Internet providers to demand fees for network interconnection. Even though the rules don’t take effect until June 12, the threat of complaints seemingly spurred AT&T and Verizon to settle longstanding disputes with companies that objected to paying for network upgrades that would improve service for the Internet providers’ subscribers.
The petition confirms that the impending rules are already affecting those negotiations. In a section titled, “Reclassification Undermines Interconnection Negotiations,” the trade groups representing Internet providers said the new rules are “already causing irreparable harm with respect to interconnection.” They continued:
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