Multiple mobile operators in Europe plan to block advertising on their networks, with one of them planning to target Google’s ad network to force the company to give up a cut of its ad revenue, according to a report yesterday in the Financial Times.”An executive at a European carrier confirmed that it and several of its peers are planning to start blocking adverts this year,” the newspaper reported. “The executive said that the carrier will initially launch an advertising-free service for customers on an opt-in basis. But it is also considering a more radical idea that it calls ‘the bomb’, which would apply across its entire network of millions of subscribers at once. The idea is to specifically target Google, blocking advertising on its websites in an attempt to force the company into giving up a cut of its revenues.”
Blocking ads “just for an hour or a day” might be enough to bring Google to the negotiating table, the executive told the newspaper.
While such a scheme might violate net neutrality rules in the United States, Europe doesn’t have anything comprehensive on the books despite years of discussion.
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