I attended the entire Silk Road trial in a New York federal courthouse earlier this year, and while there I counted no less than four filmmakers intending to make movies about the saga: two documentaries, at least one screenwriter working on a feature film, and another writing a TV miniseries.
The first documentary, Alex Winter’s Deep Web, is complete. It’s on the festival circuit now, having recently played at San Francisco’s International Film Festival. And people beyond the Bay can see Deep Web when the film has its national television premiere at the end of this month on the Epix movie channel.
Unfortunately, Deep Web isn’t a good movie. The documentary by Winter, who also created a doc about Napster called Downloaded, tells the story of the government’s case against Ross Ulbricht from a point of view that’s so obsequious to Ulbricht and his mother—a key source for Winter—that it may as well be a home movie.
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