Typo was told not to sell the original keyboard case, but it did so anyway. Typo

When Typo Products launched its keyboard-on-an-iPhone product, BlackBerry was not amused. The flailing mobile phone maker still has more than enough cash around to pay IP lawyers, and it launched a patent lawsuit early last year.
Typo was cofounded by American Idol host Ryan Seacrest, who agreed with a CNN interviewer that the product was meant to be “the best thing about a BlackBerry, within the iPhone.” That statement went straight into BlackBerry’s complaint.
That resulted in an injunction preventing Typo from selling its $99 keyboard. Things got worse when BlackBerry accused Typo of violating the injunction. A federal judge agreed, finding that Typo had skirted the ruling by selling nearly 19,000 keyboards after the injunction went into effect. In February, Typo was ordered to pay $860,000 plus other legal costs.
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