In the world of online security, change is a constant as the exploit and malware landscape is continuously evolving, with attackers adapting to evade detection and defenses. Intel Security’s McAfee Labs released its May 2015 Threats Report on June 9, detailing the state of the threat landscape during the first quarter of 2015. Among the alarming trends noted in the report is the fact that attackers have once again turned to Adobe’s Flash as a primary path to user exploitation. There was a 317 percent quarterly increase in the volume of Adobe Flash malware samples detected, according to the report. The new Flash vulnerabilities are now being picked up by malware exploit kit authors, and in the first quarter Flash became the dominant exploit type used in all the exploit kits detailed by McAfee Labs. Flash vulnerabilities aren’t the only malware that is growing, however: McAfee Labs also found a 49 percent increase in new mobile malware samples discovered in the first quarter over the fourth quarter of 2014. Ransomware also continues to be a problem, with the newly reported CTB-Locker malware family helping to drive a 165 percent quarterly increase in new ransomware samples. In this slide show, eWEEK examines key takeaways from the May 2015 McAfee Labs Threats Report.

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