Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager 3.5.3 is now available.

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager is a visual tool for centrallymanaging collections of virtual servers running Red Hat Enterprise Linuxand Microsoft Windows. This package also includes the Red Hat EnterpriseVirtualization Manager API, a set of scriptable commands that giveadministrators the ability to perform queries and operations on Red HatEnterprise Virtualization Manager.The Manager is a JBoss Application Server application that provides severalinterfaces through which the virtual environment can be accessed and interactedwith, including an Administration Portal, a User Portal, and a RepresentationalState Transfer (REST) Application Programming Interface (API).A list of bugs fixed in this update is available in the Technical Notes book:

Before applying this update, make sure all previously released erratarelevant to your system have been applied.For details on how to apply this update, refer to:
Updated packages

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.5

    MD5: a5fe0ad9e2cb379406b33ce6588a7b2dSHA-256: 0fb8badfd2d58dc555cb85a450d2546124ac7d428e9a0470d27b24cce905dad9
    MD5: 74853c666ed00e84dd79d295136e2d32SHA-256: 4d521258582b2f266f4f27a36d5343a6b6443a4a0bb62087e6f8254a75dd1f65
    MD5: 0352b8a87efb76204f5762e2b650ac6eSHA-256: e92654e627c30c41c303f55e19e9f70bfb473699ab2d35d0443b28de8d8a896f
    MD5: dfd8014125e0bc59ed119974e578709aSHA-256: 776610d9788ae2a445c64ba10240f7e0a6a1ed2774840a2b54512ea9ef1f0b99
    MD5: 95c392a4905675393ecf668e85be6da3SHA-256: b5d456853c71dd096740c8289abf7d77d76a7c8c34471d1edb43a413d8a8ffb4
    MD5: 06cf2a38b0ae3e85408986e8dc6490adSHA-256: 6060f328fd9034f91fba879f492e3ba310c89187b788015ea8d1fb4866e988d9
    MD5: e13cafa873f646ce31a0f504793a6dbbSHA-256: 67a48d4ae2d4e42a76ca52ae9f9b7473f875c85c34f8073a8780325a9c796590
    MD5: 9ef24f65a1bb5e4df7515b9abe9bcb1cSHA-256: a098ee018b8eacf8aff32d532fa27edf8b7fb141d8fe3dc486463417b413046a
    MD5: 940191903f2dc13322f4e3afe7f695c7SHA-256: 263536a52899ce0176b933b88852128123db3f82a489a39938488bba316ed54e
    MD5: cf68012cacc10bbcba6a38e7ff78d58bSHA-256: 3ca3a5f338fff42beea4b79dbe0c10d76da176d38c7bd7ca2c99247a20f2e05b
    MD5: da4c6feb7a2cb1fa5fa8711beb925bd7SHA-256: 4ae1d56f1b7d2f7a4444234925e8e4625093f073c3566268a5f623034578d134
    MD5: 8839d07339b47cfa3b9b3a763e68265eSHA-256: a354756c4a13a190db596afc5140aa7b545990174401f5b86a9066a6832f3387
    MD5: 3fbe3a01e7abae7a7d6be4bf8a9b50d9SHA-256: 561606b073a6a9309ff50532eb837441defe912868af22c64f75adbaceb0e5cf
    MD5: 711c08e483f16d0c4ad5db287e572059SHA-256: 361e13f3ad405e3a78117bc9f0fe05fbce765aec963e5b56bb99c8602ed6558a
    MD5: dd2809a0ecf44da303560805de439778SHA-256: 147a56752afd1e815e1d39656e4ee7b319eb0b2094bba7a64f53df3ce5d1da4b
    MD5: 48e0d5507fbbedb28ffb9cf20cb69247SHA-256: b899b376971dac7323180c03de2a3bce76c7b91c04df013c75f757ae39c3f7f8
    MD5: 793a2390e643b422bd291b1e9892091eSHA-256: 575b802fcac77e1f2e0f6f6383b74c6e3d1aa9f233edd9d1dd824b5d9f81f689
    MD5: 8551d8d9c2cb3061c9ac9de0c346d392SHA-256: a2333d31eb384d7bae5bf187001cad8ff1457880ec686b29d1adcc38f634dad3
(The unlinked packages above are only available from the Red Hat Network)Bugs fixed (see bugzilla for more information)

1182000 – [RFE] Bundle GWT symbol maps in GWT application’s rpm package1195032 – [engine-webadmin] [importDomain] Importing an iSCSI domain while the storage server is not accessible fails with an ugly message1197348 – Detach of Storage Domain leaves leftover of vm_interface_statistics and cause an sql exception when importing the VM again1197444 – [engine-backend] [importDomain] Virt-IO-SCSI flag is disabled once the VM gets registered1197474 – Start vm that have memory and guaranteed memory above host free memory, failed with libvirtd error1200294 – Async tasks should not be allowed in 3.3 compatible cluster in RHEV 3.41201158 – [ImportDomain,REST-API] Allow oVirt to discover FCP domains via ‘unregisteredstoragedomainsdiscover’1202399 – [engine-backend] When reconstruct master is marked as finished, the problematic domain is reported as active, while the new master is inactive1203307 – Root template cannot be removed after removing root template – sub templates.1206903 – Context Sensitive Help: GUI needs to use different mapping files for different locales.1206908 – “Authentication Required” login screen that references RESTAPI1208440 – engine-setup accepts an answer file with an invalid value for applicationMode1209745 – Space Used column header text isn’t fully displayed1211057 – After activating iscsi domain, can’t add a new disk due to lack of space though there should be space.1212397 – Import storage domain function is not setup to handle local disk hypervisors which has the same path1213288 – [pki] fails with /dev/fd is not mounted1213810 – Missing vms link under /api/…/storagedomains/{storagedomain:id}/1215923 – After import of existing storage domain, VMs with two virtio-scsi disks will not boot1217339 – Importing storage domains into an uninitialized datacenter leads to duplicate OVF_STORE disks being created, and can cause catastrophic loss of VM configuration data1217459 – UX: “Advanced Parameters” panel disappear when choosing to use hosts provider1217494 – [RFE] enable SPICE/QXL support for Windows 8/2012 even without the QXL drivers1217947 – Storage migration removes snapshot preview from the storage1218531 – Setting “Other OS” is default 32bit instead of 64bit and causes incorrect RAM size limit of 16GB for 64bit OS.1218669 – [RHEVM3.5] import vm fails. Error while executing action: Cannot import VM. Invalid time zone for given OS type.1220114 – disk profile of a template disk has wrong display1220117 – [GUI] [Data Centers]>[Qos] New network Qos created with <UNKNOWN> name in the event log1220120 – [de_DE][Admin Portal] Text alignment on cluster>new>cluster policies page needs to be corrected.1220121 – [ja_JP][fr_FR][de_DE][Admin Portal] Misalignment checkbox and string broken into two lines in ‘Copy Quota’ dialog.1220122 – Run vm with one cpu and two numa nodes failed1220123 – “Migrate only Highly Available Virtual Machines” need to capitalize the “only”1220125 – Create new vm from template that lay on other than vm cluster failed on cpu_profile error1220126 – Engine not show host numa nodes until I run “Refresh Capabilities”1220282 – NPE when cloning a VM from snapshot WITHOUT “VirtIO-SCSI Enabled”1221594 – Fencing test failed during adding single rhev-h host, but message says otherwise

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