The first company to file a complaint against an Internet service provider under new net neutrality rules could be a webcam hoster that is demanding a free connection to Time Warner Cable’s (TWC) network.
The company, Commercial Network Services, “plans to file a peering complaint against Time Warner Cable under the Federal Communications Commission’s new network-neutrality rules unless the company strikes a free peering deal ASAP,” according to a report yesterday at Multichannel News.
But the company will have a hard time winning its complaint because the FCC does not ban payments for peering, also known as interconnection. The net neutrality rules that took effect last week prevent ISPs from accepting payments to prioritize traffic above other services over the so-called “last mile” of the network. But there’s no ban on payments for interconnection, which is an exchange of traffic that happens at the edge of the provider’s network. Interconnection allows traffic to flow into the provider’s network without delay but doesn’t speed it up thereafter.
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