ESET brings much-needed simplicity to the management of security on network endpoints throughout an enterprise. The company’s ERA (ESET Remote Administrator) version 6 brings innovations that should be welcome to administrators struggling with enforcing endpoint security policy on large, distributed networks, especially for companies with remote and mobile workers. What’s more, ESET has re-engineered ERA v6 so that it can be deployed as a virtual appliance, simplifying adoption and bringing managed endpoint security to cloud-based environments. The virtual appliance option is offered as an OVA file, so it can be quickly imported into virtualization platforms from Microsoft (HyperV), Oracle (VirtualBox) and VMware (vSphere, Player, Workstation and ESXi). Additionally, a new browser-based console gives administrators full management access from anywhere they have connectivity. Aimed at large and midsize enterprises, ERA v6 includes customizable reports, active notifications, real-time monitoring, a fully instrumented dashboard and the ability to detect new endpoints and automatically push agents down to those endpoints. ERA v6 works with Linux, Macs and Windows endpoints and supports Android and IOS devices.

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