The 2015 business environment requires enterprises to build and sustain an online presence for its customers, potential customers and partners. However, as each new Website, service or blog comes online, there opens a new potential attack surface for criminals. When cyber-thieves focus on your company—and it’s sure to happen at some point—what will they learn through your online presence? To be able to look at itself from the outside in, like a skilled adversary, an enterprise should build and maintain a thorough cyber-exposure profile. A well-designed profile provides the visibility needed to help organizations prioritize their most serious issues, remediate problematic infrastructure and protect their reputations. Development of this profile is important because it identifies an organization’s critical-resource exposure and potential attack vectors; it also prioritizes the level of risk associated with each. This eWEEK slide show discusses how to create a cyber-exposure profile and anticipate risks before they become huge problems.

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