Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter was approached by a competing platform, ArtistShare, in 2011. Just what happened next is disputed. ArtistShare founder Brian Camelio says he wanted to strike a business deal with Kickstarter.
In court papers, Kickstarter said that Camelio had a patent he said Kickstarter was infringing, and Camello intended to sue. Kickstarter took the matter to court first, filing a lawsuit seeking to invalidate the patent. The move left Camelio “stunned and disappointed,” he said in a 2011 interview.
This week, Camelio, who founded ArtistShare in 2003, may be even more disappointed. His patent, “Methods and Apparatuses for Financing and Marketing a Creative Work,” is no more. It was invalidated in an order (PDF) published yesterday, four years after his dispute with Kickstarter began.
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