Cyber-attacks on enterprises and governments are in the news nearly every week—sometimes every few days. As defenses have attempted to thwart the bad actors and their invasive tools, the origination points and volume of attacks have evolved to stay ahead of the curve. Attack traffic now comes from every corner of the world, though some regions (Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East) are responsible for more volume than others. No matter where the attacks originate, security is in the hands of data owners, who need to think like hackers in order to thwart cyber-invasions that can scuttle a business in no time flat. The so-called Cyber-Attack Lifecycle, as dubbed by Palo Alto Networks, is a sequence of events that an attacker goes through to successfully infiltrate a network and exfiltrate data from it. Understanding the modus operandi of hackers and anticipating what they will do is half the security battle. The other half is actually protecting the data wherever it resides. This eWEEK slide show contains key data points on how to break the cyber-attack lifecycle.

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