This week, GitHub posted a takedown notice it received from Nintendo of America’s legal representation. The Mario makers believe that a popular Javascript-based Game Boy Advance emulator hosting its source on GitHub violated the company’s copyright for the games involved.
“Nintendo requests that GitHub, Inc., disable public access to the website at,” the letter reads. “This website provides access to unauthorized copies of Nintendo’s copyright-protected video games and videos making use of Nintendo’s copyrighted Pokémon characters and imagery in violation of Nintendo’s exclusive rights.”
The takedown notice cites both the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and GitHub’s own “Guide to Filing a DMCA Notice.” In total, Nintendo identified more than 20 games and two franchises (Metroid and Pokémon) with patents being infringed, and the individual titles run the gamut of popular (Pokémon Silver and Gold) to obscure (remember Golden Sun?). The company requested GitHub immediately remove 32 unique URLs corresponding to various emulators. The notice denotes each individual patent and infringing URL, and the sites in question now deliver 404s. 
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