A proposed class action lawsuit against DirecTV and the National Football League says the two entities have colluded to raise the price of the NFL Sunday Ticket package, which is sold exclusively by DirecTV.
The proposed class of bar and restaurant owners are allegedly paying higher prices than they would if multiple video providers were allowed to broadcast the Sunday Ticket package. The exclusive deal gives DirecTV a monopoly over the broadcast of out-of-market games, and the NFL has “acted with an intent to allow DirecTV to illegally acquire and maintain that monopoly power in the relevant product market,” the lawsuit says.
“Defendants have colluded to sell the out-of-market NFL Sunday afternoon games only through DirecTV,” it says. “Such an arrangement eliminates competition in the distribution of out-of-market Sunday afternoon games and requires anyone wishing to view these games to subscribe to DirecTV and purchase NFL Sunday Ticket at the supracompetitive price dictated by DirecTV.”
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