A UK man accused of breaking into computer systems operated by the US government has been rearrested on a recently filed extradition request, it has been widely reported.
Lauri Love, now 30, was arrested in October 2013 on charges he and associates hacked into networks operated by the US Army, the US Missile Defense Agency, NASA, the Environmental Protection Agency, and other US government agencies. The objective behind the hacking spree, US prosecutors said at the time, was to disrupt the operations and infrastructure of the US government by stealing large amounts of military data and personally identifying information of government employees and military personnel. “You have no idea how much we can fuck with the US government if we wanted to,” Love allegedly told a hacking colleague at one point.
Following the 2013 arrest, Love was released on bail. Earlier this week, he was rearrested on an extradition warrant on behalf of the US, The Guardian and other news organizations reported. Love’s attorney told reporters her client planned to fight the proceedings.
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