Josh Greenberg, co-founder of the recently-shuttered Grooveshark music-sharing service, has been found dead in his Florida home. He was 28. Early police reports state there was “no evidence of foul play or suicide.”
Greenberg’s mother, Lori Greenberg, told The Gainesville Sun that her son was in good health and that police had found no visible injuries or signs of drug use. A toxicology report is expected in two to three months. Greenberg’s girlfriend discovered his body after returning home from a weekend away. She told the paper “it looked that he was sleeping.”
Greenberg co-founded Grooveshark with Sam Tarantino in 2006, while studying at the University of Florida. Initially, the service only allowed users to share music with other users who were online at the same time. This restriction was later removed, with users’ music being uploaded to a central storage library for access by all.
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