The music-streaming site Grooveshark was unceremoniously yanked offline in April, following a devastating 2014 court ruling that held its founders responsible for copyright infringement. Grooveshark management apologized “without reservation” for launching their site without proper licenses.
Many of Grooveshark’s power users lost not only their go-to source for music streaming, but also carefully cultivated playlists of their favorite music. Those playlists, saved on Grooveshark, were likely handed over to the record labels who sued it, along with the rest of the site.
Now a group of Israeli techies say they’ve salvaged nearly all of the rogue website’s database—something that will be a huge relief to diehard Grooveshark fans. What’s more, they’ve built their own Grooveshark-like streaming service, on a website called StreamSquid—and cofounder Ofir Yosef says it’s perfectly legal.
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