Canada’s large incumbent Internet service providers must now make their fiber networks available to competitors under a new requirement designed to boost broadband competition.
“Following an extensive review, the CRTC [Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission] found that the large incumbent companies continue to possess market power in the provision of wholesale high-speed access services and is requiring that they make these services available to competitors,” the CRTC said in an announcement yesterday. “In addition, the demand by Canadians for higher speed services will only increase in the coming years to support their growing Internet needs and usage. Large incumbent companies will now have to make their fibre facilities available to their competitors. This measure will ensure that Canadians have more choice for high-speed Internet services and are able to fully leverage the benefits of the broadband home or business.”
The CRTC has a framework setting out the rates, terms, and conditions under which the providers must offer wholesale access.
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