EPSOM – 29th July, 2015 – Kroll Ontrack today announced innovative advancements in recovering data from enterprise storage systems, specifically EMC® Isilon®, Commvault® Simpana, Infortrend® EonStor and HP® EVA. With nearly two-thirds of organisations experiencing unplanned system downtime or data loss in 2014 according to an EMC survey, and 71 per cent not fully confident they can adequately recover systems/data to meet business needs*, Kroll Ontrack’s newly developed technologies address complex data recovery in the highly evolving enterprise storage landscape. “Hardware technologies are progressing at warp speed and every vendor is establishing its own proprietary method of storing data, which means we’re seeing most enterprise-level failures resulting in data loss requiring a custom recovery solution,” says Paul Le Messurier, Programme and Operations Manager at Kroll Ontrack. “Add to that the sheer volume of data streaming through these enormously intricate systems, and the complexity of recovery increases. In such nuanced environments, the recovery process is rooted in thoughtfully assessing the failure, analysing and deciphering proprietary storage designs, rebuilding file systems and developing solutions to restore critical data.”Recently, Kroll Ontrack achieved success developing custom solutions for several leading enterprise configurations:Infortrend EonStor RAID array: A large UK public sector organisation learned the hard way that even RAID 6 arrays, known for their reliability, are not 100 per cent impervious to hardware failure. Almost 24 terabytes of confidential data were lost when two hard disks failed. The drives were replaced, but the system failed to rebuild, leaving the data inaccessible. Each RAID controller uses unique algorithms and parity to create a RAID 6 configuration. Kroll Ontrack engineers were able to decipher the complex RAID 6 algorithm used by the hardware producer with a newly developed software toolset. This toolset enabled a successful recovery from the RAID 6 and can be used to aid in the recovery of data across all RAID 6 configurations. [Read full case study]EMC Isilon IQ 6000x: A large US pharmaceutical company experienced the loss of over four million business-critical files from their EMC Isilon storage system when moving critical research and development data within the system. Isilon systems are highly specialised and designed for managing big data through a unique file system (OneFS). Kroll Ontrack, in collaboration with EMC, developed a set of proprietary data recovery tools to overcome data loss in an EMC Isilon storage system. These tools can be used to reduce downtime and increase the success rate of data recovery on an EMC Isilon system. [Read full case study]Commcell® Media Server & Commvault Simpana® 9/ Dell MD1200: A US company lost access to more than 230 million crucial files due to a corrupt media agent database file on their Commvault Media Server. Kroll Ontrack software developers and data recovery engineers created a new solution for rebuilding the virtual tape library array to reconstruct the data mapping. This newly developed set of tools will reduce the time needed to recover from Commvault-based systems. [Read full case study]HP® StorageWorks EVA 6000: A flooded data centre left a client’s servers and storage systems partially submerged in water causing severe damage. At the centre of the damage was a HP StorageWorks EVA (Enterprise Virtual Array) 6,000 containing very important business-critical SQL database files as well as sensitive employee information. The very complex RAID mapping system distributes data among multiple drives and the proprietary file system structure required substantial analysis and reverse engineering to decipher. Kroll Ontrack’s research and development team and its software developers created completely new tools to extract the data, successfully recovering 86 per cent of their most critical data. These tools have revolutionised data recovery from the widely used HP EVA system and have proven successful on multiple cases. [Read full case study]“While every data loss situation has its own unique identity, the solutions we develop build technical knowledge that can be applied across the enterprise,” says Le Messurier. “Ultimately that leads to faster, more efficient solutions when systems fail or human error leads to data loss.”*EMC Global Data Protection Index “Global Key Results & Findings”: http://www.emc.com/collateral/presentation/emc-dpi-key-findings-global.pdfAbout Kroll Ontrack Ltd.Kroll Ontrack provides technology-driven services and software to help legal, corporate and government entities as well as consumers manage, recover, search, analyse, and produce data efficiently and cost-effectively. In addition to its award-winning suite of software, Kroll Ontrack provides data recovery, data destruction, electronic discovery and document review services. For more information about Kroll Ontrack and its offerings please visit: Krollontrack.co.uk follow @KrollOntrackUK on Twitter or subscribe to the Kroll Ontrack Data Blog. # # #Media Contacts: Judith Massey – Judith.Massey@citigatedr.co.ukAmrit Nijjer: amrit.nijjer@citigatedr.co.uk+44 (0) 207 282 2803Source: RealWire

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