Red Hat Gluster Storage Console 3.1 packages such as rhsc-setup-plugins,rhsc-monitoring-uiplugin, org.ovirt.engine-root, ovirt-host-deploy, otopi,vdsm-jsonrpc-java, rhsc-branding-rhs, rcue, rhsc-log-collectornagios-server-addons, pnp4nagios that adds enhancements and fix multiple bugsare now available for use with Red Hat Gluster Storage Console 3.1.

Red Hat Gluster Storage Console is a powerful and simple web based Graphical User Interface for managing a Red Hat Gluster Storage 3.1 environment. It helps Storage Administrators to easily create and managemultiple trusted storage pools. This includes features like elastically expanding and shrinking a pool,creating and managing volumes.This advisory includes the following new features of Red Hat GlusterStorage Console* DashboardDashboard displays an overview of all the entities in Red Hat Gluster Storagelike Hosts, Volumes, Bricks, and Clusters. The Dashboard shows a consolidatedview of the system and helps the administrator to know the status of the system.* Snapshot Management Through Red Hat Gluster Storage Console, you can create, delete, activate,deactivate and restore given snapshots, apart from seeing the list of snapshotsand their status. You can also, schedule snapshots to be taken at specific timeor at scheduled intervals. * Disk ProvisioningThe list of storage devices can be viewed through Red Hat Gluster StorageConsole and provisioned through the Console using Disk Provisioning feature. * Logical Network Management (Network Traffic Segregation)You can create a logical network for Gluster Storage communication to optimizenetwork traffic between hosts and Gluster Storage bricks. Logical NetworkManagement provides facility to segregate management traffic from data-planetraffic.* Geo-replication Management and MonitoringGeo-replication provides a distributed, continuous, asynchronous, andincremental replication service from one site to another over Local AreaNetworks (LANs), Wide Area Networks (WANs), and the Internet. You can performGeo-replication operations and also manage source and destination volumesthrough Red Hat Gluster Storage Console. This update also fixes several bugs. Space precludes documenting all of these changes in this advisory. Users are directed to the Red Hat Gluster Storage 3.1 Technical Notes, linked to in the References section,for information on the most significant of these changes.Users of Red Hat Gluster Storage Console are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs and add these enhancements.
Before applying this update, make sure all previously released erratarelevant to your system have been applied.For details on how to apply this update, refer to: Hat Storage Management Console 3.0

    MD5: 847ae76c9eed724e7f233e37a89728f7SHA-256: 81ba180433c9211dc609fcf07dd611ad7f00b697cce90845150437b3a2b6032d
    MD5: 7fea258e4a9306905c743f23feb8d367SHA-256: 1135dee515ed4f7ebbe1b1ad5a3a24562dfba9a15c5b29f6eef430cabbc0c5e2
    MD5: ffb1cb0bcf5e420815dbedc6a9b7b278SHA-256: ff3451373f78bfe35748037613784b6b58ac3acd92df9946df7219b6cd467fac
    MD5: 453a8e9192ef9b0f1020b7a154e3f4f8SHA-256: 8ecdcab53b98f36533a0b1a7db19e1576d5e5b68e5c197e213322f2ef9815651
    MD5: 531ac7a01233193e0025a6eb8b0b6cc2SHA-256: 7e99e16bc6010925d08acd761dd0469309e61ece1cf419dad034aa2b8fdd3a5f
    MD5: d5430fb49629a6f5a8a82725b065423eSHA-256: d7c9a2296d866d11b7facd8aae8756fd4eb66f41234b3f5fb58fc2a39655c734
    MD5: 14b013d423eb17e20e35c909c77f0b10SHA-256: afbac842ba17b8b86cba60534025902b3258902f4556f1c1e2d968dc9cc7238a
    MD5: 69ddb0593c3f069ca56e60eba39514d6SHA-256: 60ce9078eaf145ce805e10599c4f1707d4fd0197c78c784f21217ccfcc5f96d1
    MD5: 4cf6dea9f737f1851a38ec44a6c9ffc8SHA-256: cf9d7c9b5e719f788377ce966108d236a58a661bbc0cac9210b646c750ec519f
    MD5: 26a07379df6981625e0cd742fec322d1SHA-256: 380db26c1006651644cf961be396b446f4ad5cf6902a8268ef493d406d33e872
    MD5: aae954a84603070e80bdb5ed1ae9d953SHA-256: ed405938171a7ac3339b93f0f36f9aef4487f6c2eb85815949683014f7a6e0ae
    MD5: e304ae053b55c2f0bc8f4ffa7d4fb2a4SHA-256: 4026911ed036dcd5b0013a8f6b358bd4a2c07576c8a8517effabed2c139cbab5
    MD5: a636d40cbd902b7218fb5862f7a00341SHA-256: 0011406e88221334fc066bf56e791a63da53e6d2e1f5cb3c71a971a5f3cea26f
    MD5: dd5653fdfad120439ba5c27c44d9a32cSHA-256: 9d472350862aeeba181a19239590d6af13177265f6a4fa8273f5a20c08da7c09
    MD5: f7c41840d57834a3c00f141e4685f592SHA-256: 634808b07d631cbbf020251ae40b46b10bf68d4d8ec1768c8269b37d4e44a44a
    MD5: d86e1a68c85c1f0b8f77f57fcbd2ca06SHA-256: 0f050061f70fd6469053879cb72ed71337ee3e7d8c9642f22e7ea918826a55fe
    MD5: 9f6ec2f58bc860f726b7539b1ef2d606SHA-256: 0c46515b052c7f03df5ced22617d7cd3d178348dd346377cb62c98c180f309b0
    MD5: 1f88cbc8769b34d56aa388bef01d98fbSHA-256: e5abc62d7411826adfd0290fb061db117099484e73a36004819a9800927666a5
    MD5: f8d9e30b14474738eeaf7d6f4d7025d6SHA-256: 94bb517fca5d4619d3f0574d83d2bcb40cd4296cd92210fa06b4ffb9d5fc2c85
    MD5: ac4d17e1e75a61bd3d5bc51b1079a8c7SHA-256: acad9f6947966da53b879e3411a0eb86ad27d0c346f0e58128e0d20ee51e6a2e
    MD5: 43f60de6dfd83aef17c94025b407cacfSHA-256: bad6d1ea6147170a35b58236364716e1701d61269666da3c49fc97d218dba763
    MD5: b795eb79c1d0648bd3a03751140e414dSHA-256: 07bdc89b4f41bd43cd168aa7e347390a0a86f4c9bd88e8c65da2503ccc067797
    MD5: 8481ed2f79306c46a49e7f8274c81821SHA-256: 57444f773992b0f942342c040761d7c9eeefaeb2a3cc37ffde1b8edce62183c2
    MD5: 7f8ebf8cab5577593a007b7c9c93f7d8SHA-256: 6db3e31c22768eeb9ff54c1d3073601cc4fc542265b148211525aec23f4836ff
    MD5: 13af39421950e69b16b87e69e1b6d839SHA-256: 72002c4bd4ada7325bf9a49a1f8c29c25545737c58a8ebc683d596a54b4cb7a3
    MD5: c13504c44b5320bcb19aec6504634a16SHA-256: 0da582ce2287d991a7344f3f82339ad9ca838339bd8e26bb56568ca3bca41907
    MD5: 173b362e1d41092e57f02a8841cf5738SHA-256: de8523f61895b97dc219975748d9f658f45322962c868f966eb19ba97b0a2be8
    MD5: 14212f7023b4835e32613f44c067bc3dSHA-256: 2819dfc5318d00fd70570a1b59c3cdb602967ea55baa3805c4c4d0f7ac00329f
    MD5: 2103014bc896b1cf368bc7a4be75fc55SHA-256: 4091bbf5c87f5248e0822dee17c7c740e7ef22bc4f46c81eb4d866bf238c3507
    MD5: 75a3071857da7d6185b6e4ed8f3d4e30SHA-256: 953d104d630ed3336a822ba900be5d9b9a243b6416eaeddc1880e20ddd74dfb7
    MD5: af049a996bc1f39ed7f09b6d4cca5bccSHA-256: bfc36ddb16b6922f101591f854e6bba89913836824944166965a6570cad72a1c
    MD5: 3705fbdbce98de146a0c4b5d2530dc62SHA-256: b0b36227491cc68a365601745b50971d73a2af71a33d5ec0669bb0580bc9ef49
    MD5: f1654cd3c3c5ed82e7ac282c2204faccSHA-256: f4761462720b25a4f079f5c22277e6bb3f1770b5e9a908f3d73fdb3f0767964d
    MD5: 8b4be4f39257a24a98dd829e1537a689SHA-256: febb06edbe6f75b9cc6bf48df2f6306c9b499b515b0430a2cb53968db67cac67
    MD5: a3b25f522153491dc8161c738c0ea1a1SHA-256: 3c1a1981cad9a737af3784447444f973df3726bbf4cf08977ac523fe718fb3d9
    MD5: f2a4865d9d22fb2a3abb2baaeca2ffc6SHA-256: 944f1e0b4ce3b54f3b2dd49005e1d0b534d1b9c6ed26c30b85597b2e73ef7eed
    MD5: 5c3e872c9a571da981bebed463fb3e65SHA-256: 63214a49ca573400ad8fdcfd73f5c22b2a665a416963e5f474c52a3ca2376217
    MD5: 6af01834d2e3ad4c54baa0972489c361SHA-256: 0673701f4d59e12e2bb785dbda6ec56811f5f3204b5e86ecb4ca018637dd0cd9
    MD5: 66bfecc8100bc6e3ca211fbad82645c5SHA-256: 9a8fe692d409dba4e89fde1f1bfbe8b6c042c4d9dec6b05b42511a9af4948902
    MD5: ec94eed9c5e5a98ee932118ff16b61bbSHA-256: 120629353f2f88ca3bda177a5cde70a6bf701846eb3af5506a7da31d8e6358ba
    MD5: 972771e002dd00c10516f3965a26cd53SHA-256: 137344b251209f902ae973ebf1da4ff22b6737d03a907e8dfa72374bd8edcbe7
    MD5: c56fbf57fe3ef63c63b6d21aaa04b1b0SHA-256: 1b58ada6856fb71661ba7f5b8a6ab96a0251f7a025a8403ac2dc5b17a0d42054
    MD5: f5d6f11842c1a781997cfca35e44f514SHA-256: f0c99e81a58329515890b20c5d21f7d6cc3b9651830d2f3c93b82e911175abc5
(The unlinked packages above are only available from the Red Hat Network)
1023929 – [RHSC] Details of files migrated in a remove-brick operation are overlapping with the date in the tasks pane.1029484 – [RHSC] Rename the ‘Stop Rebalance’ button in the rebalance status dialog to ‘Stop’1032020 – [RHS-C] No error pop-up is seen while trying to stop the volume during a remove brick operation1044124 – [RHSC] Order the Add Block Host List1054827 – [RFE] Get the volume usage through RHS-C API1055474 – [RHSC] – Mouse hovering on rebalance icon when rebalance is stopped from cli , needs to be changed.1062612 – [RHSC] – User should not be able to run rebalance or remove-brick in 3.2 cluster1081900 – [Nagios] [RFE] Alerting mechanism for split-brain from Nagios1086718 – rhsc-setup –offline –config-append=<Answer_File> still prompts for a confirmation regarding Red Hat Access Plugin1096159 – [Nagios] – Status Information of a volume status should say “<volume Type> : <Brick status>”1106421 – [Nagios] Server quorum status is pending when quorum is not enabled for any volume in the cluster1109744 – [Nagios] notifications are not sent when quorum is lost for multiple volumes, one after the other1119273 – [Nagios] – When CTDB is configured and functioning, stopping ctdb service on a node displays the status of ctdb service as ‘UNKNOWN’ and status Information as ‘CTDB not Configured1121055 – [RFE] Red Hat Storage Console should support profiling on gluster volumes1127657 – [Nagios] Auto-config service should validate whether the nagios server hostname provided is a valid hostname/IP address1162055 – [RFE] RHSC should provide support for managing remote cluster1165269 – [RHSC] Adding a host to Console using FQDN fails, after it is once added using IP address and then removed.1165677 – [RHSC][RFE] – RDMA support from console.1166602 – [New] – Status information needs to be improved when glusterd goes down in all the nodes in the cluster.1169221 – [SELinux] [Nagios] – Nagios plugins does not work when selinux is enabled on the system.1174107 – [New] – Rebrand ‘Red Hat Storage Console’ to ‘Red Hat Gluster Storage Console’1177129 – [New] – glusterd service in nagios is not marked critical when glusterd is hung on the node1194150 – [New] – Brick status is shown as down in RHSC when user creates a rdma volume from Gluster CLI1201740 – [New] – Adding RHS 3.0.4 node to RHSC overrides the values of vm.dirty_ratio and dirty_background_ratio to 5 and 2 from RHEL defaults.1202731 – After updating rhsc-setup and running it, rhsc-log-collector does not get updated1204314 – NRPE memory check doesn’t factor cached memory1212513 – FutureFeature:Show overall cluster performance within the cluster overview pane1213255 – FutureFeature: Capacity information provided in the volume view in the console1219339 – [New] – Rename NFS service in nagios to ‘Gluster NFS’1221861 – Nagios packages for RHEL 71221872 – [New] – Rename Volume Self-Heal to Volume Splitbrain1223231 – Logo images required for rebranding RHGSC1223710 – [SELinux] [RFE] Enable nagios_run_sudo boolean1223906 – Downstream bz for vdsm dist-git1224612 – [New] – Additional features supported in cluster should be always checked by default.1224685 – No data exists in Snapshot – Cluster Options dialog box1224691 – Internal Engine Error is seen while setting snapshot schedule1224697 – [New] – UI does not list the config option ‘use_meta_volume’ to start a new geo rep session.1224706 – [New] – Cannot assign gluster network role to the logical networks created.1224734 – OK button is seen twice in Snapshot – Delete and Delete All dialog box1224737 – Administration Guide link error 4041224893 – [New] – No confirmation popups being shown to the user when he tries to stop/remove/pause a geo rep session.1224895 – [New] – when user tries to remove a geo-rep session with out stopping, UI displays an unexpected exception.1224902 – [New] – cannot create snapshot while geo-replication session is running on the volume.1224951 – [New] – creating geo-replication from cli does not display the icon in the info column for slave volume.1224962 – [New] – creating geo replication sessions with more than one slave volume using the same master volume does not work.1225343 – Build Nagios packages (e.g. nagios-plugins, nrpe) for RHEL 6 with higher versions available with epel6 repo1225405 – [New] – cannot upgrade rhsc from 3.0.4 to 3.1.01225417 – Disks not visible in Storage devices tab on clicking Sync option1225824 – [New] – Change RHSC to RHGSC in rhsc-setup.1226129 – It would be good to have confirmation message when user tries to edit snapshot recurrence schedule to None1226186 – In Create Brick Scenario VG Create failed in first time1227742 – [New] – Cannot see lv,vg and pv on the system when user tries to create a brick from UI1228066 – [New] – user should not be allowed to take snapshot when rebalance / remove-brick is running.1228208 – [New] – Add server name to the brick create and fail event messages.1228237 – [New] – Managinging EC volumes is not supported from console.1228291 – [New] – Trends tab is not shown in UI1228499 – Changes required in create brick pop up1228533 – [New] – split brain status infromation is shown as “self heal could not be determined” when volume is stopped.1228888 – [SELinux] [RHGSC] AVC’s collected while testing Console1229173 – [New][RFE] – Reinstall button from the hosts main tab.1229202 – VDSM service is not running without mom in RHEL-71230166 – Tech preview warning is shown while creating a volume with replica 31230194 – NRPE output is getting truncated after 1024 chars1230252 – [New] – Creating a brick using RAID6 on RHEL7 gives unexpected exception1230669 – Used brick is shown in add bricks dialog with different mount point after creating snapshot1230711 – [SELinux] – AVC seen while running regression on RHSC managing RHEL7 nodes1231176 – RHS-C:Files are not synced to brick from newly added node added to a geo-rep participating volume1231210 – [New] – xfsprogs should be pulled in as part of vdsm installation.1231420 – [New] – errors while installing gluster-nagios-addons on rhel71231422 – [New] – CPU Utilization [pnp4nagios] fails to load the graph for physical machine1231674 – Errata: rpmdiff: “Patches” error1231726 – [New] – Display an event message when a gluster volume snapshot is scheduled.1231747 – [New] – Remove all the columns related to virt in Networks tab.1231750 – [New] – User should not be allowed to remove glusternw from the interface if it is in use.1232159 – Incorrect mountpoint for lv with existing snapshot lv1232611 – Incorrect value is seen for “Crawl status” option in Geo-Replication Session Details window.1232646 – [New] – Brick utilization graphs are not seen in the trends tab.1232699 – Meta volume is not used in geo-replication even with ‘use meta volume’ config option set to true by default.1232730 – [New] – Incorrect Gluster NFS service status is seen in nagios1233165 – Event log message shows UNKNOWN on changing the geo rep config options1233169 – All the geo rep config options are send to CLI even when one option is modified.1233171 – Changes are not reflected in UI when use_meta_volume option is set to false1233621 – [RHGSC] Volume dialog – remove “Stripe” volume types1234713 – Unable to create more than one non root geo rep session for the same master volume1236494 – Missing dependency packages for gluster-nagios-common-tests-0.2.0-1.el6rhs.noarch1240235 – [SELinux] gluster-nagios-addons should have a dependency on selinux packages (RHEL-6.7)1240237 – [SELinux] nagios-server-addons should have a dependency on selinux packages (RHEL-7.1)1240240 – [SELinux] gluster-nagios-addons should have a dependency on selinux packages (RHEL-7.1)1240242 – [SELinux] nagios-server-addons should have a dependency on selinux packages (RHEL-6.7)1243732 – [New] – vdsm: wrong package mapping960069 – RHCS Add Brick Does Not Clear xttr’s977355 – [RHS-C] Error while executing action: Cannot add Gluster Hook. The server ${VdsName} is not UP.990093 – RHS-C: RFE: All the Table Columns should be made sortable996721 – [RHS-C] Add Color Coded Alert To Volume Status

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