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Red Hat CloudForms 3.2

Updated CFME packages that fix several bugs.

Red Hat CloudForms Management Engine delivers the insight, control, andautomation needed to address the challenges of managing virtualenvironments. CloudForms Management Engine is built on Ruby on Rails, amodel-view-controller (MVC) framework for web application development.Action Pack implements the controller and the view components.This update also fixes several bugs. Documentation for these changes isavailable in the Release Notes linked to in the References section.All CFME users are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, whichcorrect these issues and add these enhancements.

Before applying this update, make sure all previously released erratarelevant to your system have been applied.This update is available via the Red Hat Network. Details on how touse the Red Hat Network to apply this update are available at
Updated packages

Red Hat CloudForms 3.2

    MD5: 1ab24a8dd98a286b278179975993167bSHA-256: 4ecb8e13c806c075d9fee75cf21e20d5317bbf7b4339b26b00421b59c7307084
    MD5: 323e2a4df7d47fe9f6f7d6df9dcebb6fSHA-256: 863c29f5e1cae06b0b6a41968a5c59cbbd3af2ea5784516f54529db414f4b6d2
    MD5: 3f9c7584a3705f2d5d61d1e43a7cd406SHA-256: 4c9da59287c42bd0b474977810dbf82502d18d6c4a3bc6cb9133c388bdb111ab
    MD5: d5681def1e323783e9f5555864fecd09SHA-256: d92a86e88d38636a662568fd29b11c8be646e63d32042ee52e307c617a482873
    MD5: 73809ca645de4dffeaa50c66399c5d4cSHA-256: ebacf2ce22eab5472291922aab97804611af633c32ca964dba0398cd919fda67
    MD5: 4f5845e52854b59cf0cfe78a34d6f8fdSHA-256: 0e22dc2a4615a3dd4846c545fc5aa40d8dd0058e2ea92b21760cb6f193e65cfb
(The unlinked packages above are only available from the Red Hat Network)Bugs fixed (see bugzilla for more information)

1223561 – RBAC: Missing foreman provider tab for operator,desktop,user_self_service and vm_user role1224663 – Font mixed up on Right size recommendation page for VMs1227418 – Foreman – Can not assign a host to a hostgroup without locations1227517 – undefined method `paged_view_search’ for nil:NilClass [provider_foreman/download_data] in RedHat satellite provider download links1227909 – CF ems refresh doesn’t find all instances in OSP !>10001228399 – Automate – Fix service dialog_parser issue.1228411 – dialog values do not override vm_name1228849 – Foreman UI – configuration manager and configured system search is shared1229112 – Browser page Titles display ManageIQ instead of CFME when login with ja locale1229414 – Redhat Satellite Providers configured system shows count as n,but displays n-1.1229455 – UI: Configure/My Settings/Default Views is missing a “Tenants” item in the clouds section1229781 – undefined method `description’ for #<EmsOpenstack:0x000000109620e8> [ems_cloud/show] while clicking on openstack provider1229900 – Services -> Request shows an exception – undefined method `name’ for #<ServiceTemplateProvisionRequest1230334 – User role selection is not honored if I uncheck “Everything” in WebUI.1230335 – Replace term “Foreman” with “Red Hat Satellite” in Provider refresh flash message1230347 – RBAC: Configuration accordion misrendered for users having access to configuration feature1230709 – Remove Add,cancel button from control action search result page1230814 – When importing widgets, unable to commit or cancel the import1230859 – Japanese locale file needs updating1231385 – Incorrect flash message after schedule edit is cancelled1231855 – Automate – Fix RedHat ServiceQuota issue1231857 – Service Quota service_request_rejected automate method puts truncated data in the miq_request reason attribute.1231937 – MIQ(MiqWidget.get_group) Unable to find group ” in evm.log1231986 – Clicking fleeced “Init processes” on an image summary screen triggers an error.1232022 – undefined method `[]’ for nil:NilClass [miq_policy/alert_field_changed]1233412 – widget generation issues with groups that have no userid set1233798 – OpenStack Event Catcher Thread Constantly Failing and Restarting1234494 – Dialog cannot be found. Name:[miq_provision_amazon_dialogs_template] Type:[MiqProvisionWorkflow] [catalog/atomic_form_field_changed] on selecting the catalog item type in add catalog item1234935 – Service request cannot be deleted with nonadmin user, even if the permissions are ok1235439 – [RFE] Add new M4 and t2.large instance types for Amazon EC21236683 – 5.4 beta – The dialog to add a new Button no longer allows the input of Attribute/Value pairs1237313 – Refresh button makes interface hang1238720 – Dynamic drop downs are executing up to 3 times when a service dialog executes1240348 – Missing reset button in the dashboard, to reset it to default1240349 – User logs out when clicked on REDHAT CLOUDFORMS MANAGEMENT title header1240350 – scroll bar on the Default filters page has extra arrow heads1240358 – Hand pointer on “Number of disks” detail page of a VM.1240359 – Broken styles with UI plugin for external links in CFME menu1240373 – VM not getting auto power on after provisioning from CFME 3.1 if memory size is more than 4GB1240384 – undefined method error raised when viewing hosts1240392 – Update UI labels to include words State Machine for service entry points1240681 – Inconsistent title names for exist mode in default view settings and compare page1240685 – Inconsistent Hover text for compare and drift mode in default view settings1240754 – Cannot run VM because it is in Powering Up status, encountered during phase autostart_destination1241542 – Update using UI fails to auto-start the server back up1241656 – SCVMM provider refresh fails where VM disks are not present1241987 – Clicking on Host/Services returns exception: undefined method `num_cpu’ for nil:NilClass1242613 – Availability Zone & Security Group Tags not honoured by Group Tag Filter1242657 – Custom Buttons are not displayed1242986 – Auto Approve – Max CPU * company tag lists wrong values1243161 – Scrollbar dips below visible area1243496 – accessing to vm_infra/explorer raises “Error caught: [ArgumentError] comparison of Array with Array failed”1244796 – Dynamic drop down list does not accept first entry


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