The Black Hat USA 2015 and DefCon 23 security conferences in Las Vegas from Aug. 4 to Aug. 9 will tackle an unmatched range of topics and some excitement—and concern—over the technologies shown to be at risk from hackers. While there are nine concurrent sessions at any given time at the Black Hat USA conference, in any given year, a few key sessions always receive more attention than others. In 2015, early hype about scheduled talks has resulted in the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) recalling 1.4 automobiles over fears about remote car hacking. Security researchers Charles Miller and Chris Valasek will detail the specifics of their research on remote car hacking in a Black Hat USA session. Another highly anticipated session is security researcher Joshua Drake’s talk about the Stagefright vulnerability in Android, which has left 950 million Android users at risk. Drake’s session is at the exact same time as Miller and Valasek’s car hacking talk on Aug. 5. In another session, researchers Runa A. Sandvik and Michael Auger are set to detail how they were able to hack a Linux-powered rifle remotely. Here’s a look at seven highly anticipated sessions at the two conferences.

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