Conventional interconnected IT environments—whether virtualized, cloud-enabled or neither—leave organizations more vulnerable to data breaches than ever before. Why is this the case? With increasing numbers of mobile users and virtual workloads, more application programming interface (API) integrations, rich partner and cloud interconnections, and rapid application adoption, it is no longer possible to rely on zone-based perimeter security. Attack surfaces are increasing. The armored-car approach—bullet-proofing the central server/networking/storage complex—simply isn’t doing the job. Even new techniques like micro-segmentation, which divides a network into smaller zones and provides protection by making security adaptive and multilayered, are unproven. What’s a data center manager to do? Objective self-evaluation is necessary. eWEEK, using resources that include our own archives, information from Forrester Research and industry insight from Skyport Systems, discusses in this slide show the most common reasons why servers and data itself are still as vulnerable as ever.

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