OAKLAND, Calif.—”He’s got a trapper.”
Officer Eric Karsseboom merely wanted to find a four-door, white Dodge car on the evening of January 21, 2013. Instead, someone else found him. The Oakland Police Department veteran was suddenly facing down the barrels of a trio of guns as three men—Denate Kincaid, Joseph Pennymon, and Damien McDaniel—surrounded his vehicle, an unmarked Chevy Tahoe, in the parking lot of a gated apartment complex at 1759 Seminary Avenue. Located in East Oakland, this was and remains the heart of one of the city’s toughest neighborhoods.
Kincaid spotted the trapper, a slang term for a gun, after he and his associates stopped Karsseboom’s car for an informal interrogation. Undercover and alone, Karsseboom had crept into the apartment complex behind another vehicle, hoping to find the Dodge that OPD connected to a suspect from a shooting the previous day. Now more gunfire loomed.
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