REVIEW: ESET seeks to reduce the complexity of managing endpoint security on an enterprise network with the ESET Remote Administrator v6, which is now available as a virtual appliance.
Endpoint security vendor ESET has designed the latest version of the ESET Remote Administrator to bring federated security management to enterprise endpoints for networks of any size.
Remote Administrator v6 can be deployed on multiple platforms including legacy 32-bit Windows servers, the latest 64 Bit Windows Servers and self-contained virtual appliances that can run onsite, remotely or even in the cloud.
Of course, ERA v6 is only one half of the endpoint security equation. The product is used to manage endpoints running ESET’s complete anti-malware and security suite, which is the component that provides broad security coverage.
ESET offers complete Antivirus, Anti-malware, Antispam, Antispyware and other endpoint security in a unified suite that is meant to protect both enterprise endpoints, mobile devices and most anything that connects to the network.

And therein lies the biggest challenge for network administrations, figuring out how to manage dozens, hundreds or thousands of endpoints using ESET’s endpoint security products. That is exactly where ERA v6 enters the picture.

A Closer Look at ERA v6:
ERA v6 is designed to support multiple installation scenarios, leverage browser based consoles and offer unified endpoint security management. The product tightly integrates with endpoint security via the ERA agent, a small piece of software that runs on the endpoint, enabling it to be fully managed and protected by ERA v6
The redesigned product is engineered to wear multiple hats, so a network security administrator doesn’t have to. It does this by combining everything from client software deployment (agent and Antivirus), endpoint updates, policy enforcement, and security control management into a “single pane of glass” management console, which also acts as a fully instrumented dashboard.
Other enhancements to the product include:
ERA Web Console: The ESET Remote Administrator Console is now web/browser based, allowing administrators to manage the network from virtually anywhere. The Web Console is the primary interface used to administer clients; it can be used to execute any of the products functions.
The browser based console uses Ajax technology to offer a robust application experience. Most all chores are guided and wizard driven, while integrated query and reporting tools allow administrators to customize views, reports and other administrator centric intelligence to further ease the security management burden.
ESET License Administrator: The ESET License Administrator portal allows administrators to manage credentials for their software, convert older Username and Password credentials into License keys for use with ERA 6, and grant license management privileges to co-workers or partners.
ERA Agent: The ERA Agent facilitates all communication from the server to the endpoints and stores information about policies locally to allow for the fastest response to emerging threats. All communications between the server and the endpoint is encrypted using SSL certificate security.
Rogue Detection Sensor: The RD Sensor works hand in hand with the ERA Server to detect any unprotected client computers connected to the network. That eases adding new systems to the protection policy and also identifies potential threats from systems on the network that haven’t been properly protected.

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