It’s a Monday, and even though you might be dragging from an action-packed weekend, you’ll want to check out the show today. It’s full of interesting stories like our D23 recap, where Disney spent the entire weekend announcing new movies, park expansions, games and more.
A robotics company is hoping to get enough investors to study the feasibility of their new incision robot, which is ultraportable, lightweight and self-contained. That means it’s an attractive option for hospitals looking for inexpensive ways to add robotic surgery devices to their operation rooms. If it means faster healing times and smaller, lesser incisions, we’re all for it.
Lastly, Volkswagen released a funny video showing off what appears to be a prototype baby stroller with some very futuristic options. Onboard features includes autonomous cruise control technology with auto-follow, proximity sensors and auto-braking, making it either the greatest leap forward in baby-shuttling technology since the invention of the carriage, or a clever marketing stunt that’s about to disappoint a whole lot of hopeful parents.
Ashley will be away tomorrow, but Khail will be in-studio with special guest Hannah Carr (or Cyb3rnova if you’re familiar with her on YouTube).

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226: Disney’s D23 Expo brings Star Wars, Marvel, theme parks together
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