Ashley’s back from her trip to NASA/JPL, and Khail’s banana socks were a clear celebration of that fact. We’ve got some good stuff for you today, folks; however, a lot of it’s gonna cost you some pretty pennies, so start saving up your paychecks, because you’ll need them.
A few years ago, as she looked up at shooting stars in the sky, a Japanese astronomer wondered if meteor showers could be man-made. Now, she’s the founder of ALE, a startup dedicated to creating on-demand, synthetic meteor showers. The rumored cost? In the neighborhood of $4 million, but the target customer isn’t quite you and I. She hopes to pitch the concept to the Tokyo Olympic Committee as an element of the 2020 Olympic Games’ opening ceremony, which would certainly be a showstopper.
Full-body immersion VR technology has been trying to keep up with VR headset development ever since the Oculus Rift launched its Kickstarter, and now, KatWalk is launching its crowdfunding effort in an attempt to remove the guardrails from this type of “treadmill” VR systems. It’s a top-down harness that also supports a hanging seat for an additional fee, which hasn’t been done before.
Lastly, we’ve always loved Lite-Brite, which was a hot toy in the 1980s, and now, there’s a high-tech version for adults. It’s called Everbright, measures around 4 feet tall by 8 feet wide, and features 464 individually controlled LED lights that can be tuned to every color in the rainbow, making it a gigantic version of the original toy. You’ll have to have a pile of money laying around if you want one in your house, though: Everbright’s standard model will set you back a cool $25,000 (but it includes tax and shipping, so we guess that’s something).

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228: Man-made meteor showers for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
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