Hackers behind the breach of the Ashley Madison cheater’s dating service have released a second, much bigger dump of sensitive materials that includes a massive amount of e-mail from its parent company’s CEO Noel Biderman.
The BitTorrent download totals 19GB, including 13GB worth of e-mail from Biderman, who is CEO of Avid Life Media, which owns Ashley Madison. The rest is made up of source code for the website and its various smartphone apps as well as proprietary corporate data. The new leak comes two days after Avid Life Media officials left open the possibility a previous 10GB download may not have been genuine. As it turned out, the leaked materials were real and showed the hackers had burrowed further into Ashley Madison than almost anyone had imagined.
“Hey Noel, you can admit it’s real now,” the hackers wrote in a message included in the download. It will take time for the Internet to digest the contents. Still, a preliminary analysis doesn’t look good.
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