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Here’s what your videos will look like using VHS Camcorder. Anthony Domanico/CNET
Do you have an old boombox sitting around collecting dust and just waiting for the chance to jam once again? Then you’re probably the type of person who’ll appreciate a new iOS app that takes you and your 2015-era videos back to the ’80s.
VHS Camcorder from Rarevision basically turns your phone into a 1980s and 1990s-era camcorder, complete with the time and date stamp that was in virtually every home video from those days. The date is spoof-able, so you can set it to display basically any date if you want to trick your friends. It even has the white play text in the top left corner, something anyone who has ever used a VHS player has probably seen many times.

The app will automatically shoot grainy video with equally low-quality audio, and if you want to further degrade the picture, you can add tracking lines by dragging your finger around the screen or by shaking your device. It’s a perfect way to capture video from your next 1980s-themed party or to give your kids the same lousy home videos you had as a child.

Once you shoot your awesome retro video, you can share it with your friends via email or on social networks like Vine, Instagram and Facebook, and in my testing, everything worked as advertised.

The app — hat tip to TechCrunch for bringing it to our attention — costs $3.99 (£2.99, AU$4.99). But if you’re willing to spare the equivalent of what you spend on your morning latte, the fun will probably last much longer than the buzz from your cup of joe.
You can download the app from the App Store here, provided your device is running iOS 8 and higher.

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