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The Gravity gym is equipped with high-tech fitness gear. Gravity
SINGAPORE — On the highest floors of the same building as Twitter’s Asia HQ and right in the heart of the city’s central business district here, Gravity is no ordinary gym.
Owned by UK-based Fitness First, Gravity offers a high-tech workout for high-flying executives, hence its eye-watering entry fee: S$3,000 ($2,140, £1,365 or AU$3,000) for starters, and a monthly membership fee of S$640 ($460, £290 or AU$600). That’s around five times what you’d normally pay for a regular gym here.
But those who can afford to shell out are in for a high-tech fitness environment. Upon signing up, members get an onsite blood analysis and a 3D body scan that collects a model based on 400 data points — follow-up scans then allow them to track their progress.

Other digital initiatives include an app that tracks workouts both in and out of the gym, as well as weekly social fitness competitions.
“We believe that C-suite execs are generally quite competitive by nature — they have to be to hold their position, to win in business,” said CEO Simon Flint, “so one of the features of the app besides just taking personal data is that we have a personal best challenge where week to week and month to month we will launch new physical challenges for people to be curious about and hopefully try.”

Even the water cooler is high-tech, with a bottle tracker connected to the gym’s app. Aloysius Low/CNET
Gravity also serves as a health hub, with in-house doctors and nutritionists. When its partner restaurant opens its doors in October, members will be able to get food tailored to their dietary requirements based on their health data. Customized vitamins tablets made in the US will also be provided.

“What we intend to do is have the ability to tag aspects of the menu — for example if someone is on a low sodium regime, those areas of the menu may be greyed-out,” said Flint.
Besides the biometric aspects of the gym, Gravity comes with the latest equipment, including a treadmill that automatically customizes your home screen, as well as access to your emails when you log in either manually or through your phone via NFC. A high-tech water cooler also sits in the middle of the main gym area, tracking the number of plastic bottles saved if members refill their bottle instead of grabbing a new one.
With membership capped at 999 people, Gravity is hoping to fill up half of its quota by the end of the year. To do so, the gym also has facilities set up to allow executives to work remotely, such as meeting rooms with conference-call capabilities and height-adjustable meeting tables.

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