The Government Digital Service (GDS) has created a privacy officer role, as it aims to ensure that its GOV.UK Verify identity assurance platform meets privacy obligations and user expectations.
The department, which has seen an exodus of top talent since its chief Mike Bracken resigned and took up the role as chief digital officer of the Co-Operative Group, is finally on the hunt for some new talent of its own.

Toby Stevens, who is the identity assurance programme’s independent privacy adviser, explained that he would be taking on the privacy officer duties on an interim basis, as GDS looks for the right person for the job.
He said it was necessary to hire a privacy officer within the development team because as the service grows, the traditional departmental approach of having data protection officers in a separate governance team “isn’t enough”.
“The privacy officer will provide a focal point for decisions that may affect the use of personal data, and manage the dialogue between developers at GDS, GOV.UK Verify users, certified companies and departments offering services through GOV.UK Verify,” said Stevens.
He added that the privacy officer will have a strong relationship with the Privacy & Consumer Advisory Group, liaising with them on privacy-related developments, and taking on board their advice and recommendations to feed back to the project team at GDS. The privacy officer will also have to work with the Information Commissioner’s Office.
According to the job specification, the successful candidate will earn between £50,000 and £60,000 per annum, but the contract is only for a fixed term of 24 months.
The job notice states that the role is “particularly suited to someone who enjoys a hands-on working style, and can bring together the various teams towards a common goal of ‘privacy positive’ delivery”.

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