Earlier this year, the restaurant chain Chipotle announced to much fanfare that it was halting the use of GMOs in the food it serves. That announcement has since been amplified by advertisements and displays in its restaurants. At least one California resident, however, thinks the chain is not living up to its promises, and is suing Chipotle under the state’s Consumer Legal Remedies Act, and seeking class action status for the suit.

The suit carefully avoids discussing whether eating GMO foods has any consequences for the plaintiff, thus neatly dodging the need to contain any scientific content. But it does contain some questionable logic: some of the chain’s meat and dairy products come from animals that were fed GMO food, and therefore allegedly contains GMOs as well.
The suit has been filed in the United States District Court of the Northern District Of California on behalf of Colleen Gallagher and the class of Chipotle customer she’s a part of. Said customers have allegedly seen the anti-GMO advertising, and “been deceived into buying Chipotle’s food, or paying more for Chipotle products than they would have otherwise paid.”
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