On Wednesday, a freshman student at Florida Atlantic University found himself kicked out of his school and given a trespass warning after talking about a possible gun-attack threat online—in spite of campus police choosing not to press charges over what he’d posted on anonymous messaging app Yik Yak.
18-year-old student Emeil Stewart had used Yik Yak the night before to post a vaguely worded warning: “my friend just said he shooting up the breezeway [an FAU commons] and texted me a pic of a gun idk if he jokin.” The following day, at a campus police press conference, school officials explained that they’d received reports from concerned students about the post, and shortly afterward, the student deleted his post and turned himself into school police.
“This was not a serious threat and an 18-year-old mistake,” FAU police chief Charles Lowe said at the press conference, confirming that no weapons were found in Stewart’s on-campus quarters. Officials also confirmed that the suspension was meant to “send a message” that “no threats or hoaxes will be tolerated.”
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