“It was absolutely fantastic. For a young company like ours, it’s great to have some recognition in the market.”
That’s what Eldar Tuvey, co-founder and CEO of Wandera said after winning a Computing Vendor Excellence Award 2015 in the mobile security category for its Secure Mobile Gateway platform.

Claiming that Wandera is the “only company in the world to deliver services through a cloud gateway”, Tuvey explained how the system – which harnesses the power of machine learning – works and what benefits it brings to customers including EY, NATO and KPMG.
“Enterprises come to us and buy our services in order to connect their mobile devices and tablets through our cloud gateway, which sit in data centres around the world,” he said.
“Their traffic comes through us and we’re then able to do a bunch of interesting things on that data, the most important being the security services we offer our customers,” Tuvey continued, describing the platform as offering a “unique visibility” into the world of mobile security.
“All these companies around the world are using different apps, different languages,” he said. Wandera “looks at that data to detect any threats we might see, be it leaking apps, jailbroken devices, man-in-the middle attacks – it gives us a unique perspective”.
The “special sauce”, he said, is that the Secure Mobile Gateway platform is a cloud service, and the more customers Wandera gains “the more our services improve as we add more data and information”.
Wandera relies on a two-step system that combines data in the cloud and on the devices themselves, something Tuvey compared to airport security.
“They don’t just rely on a passport to check if your name is okay, they also scan your bags for dangerous substances. They use a multi-level defence and that’s what we’re trying to employ; we’re in the cloud but we’re also on the devices,” he said.
“Some things you can only do on the device, some things you can only stop in the cloud, so having both really gives us a unique position in the market,” he added.
Describing what winning a Computing Vendor Excellence Award means for a relatively young company like Wandera, Tuvey said: “Obviously we operate internationally but we’re all still Brits so it’s fantastic to get [the award] from a UK publication because it’s very important for our staff, customers and shareholders, and gives everyone a gee-up that we’re on the right track. It’s very difficult sometimes to carve out a new way of doing things.
“People often compare you to existing solutions and it’s hard for our guys to always go in and explain why our thing is better and why this is the future and next generation of mobile security,” Tuvey continued. “These kind of awards are real validation of what we’re trying to do so we’re really grateful.”
Tuvey said that even those Wandera employees who weren’t at the Royal Garden Hotel felt part of the proceedings.
“You would not believe how many photos we kept receiving all night. The whole email server lit up as we got given the award,” he said.
“For young companies like ourselves, credibility is everything because we’re selling to the largest companies in the world: very large, credible businesses which rely on securing their employees. It gives us further credibility with these guys because they know how difficult it can be to win these awards against stiff competition. For a young company this is very important,” Tuvey said.
“We’ve won other awards in the past but this is our most prominent award to date,” he added.

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