Harvard legal scholar Lawrence Lessig is running for US president as a Democrat on a single issue: reform. He’s calling his platform the Citizen Equality Act (CEA), which if adopted by Congress, would reform campaign finance laws, end partisan gerrymandering, and increase access to the voting booth. The cofounder of Creative Commons has raised more than $1 million in small donations toward his presidential bid, which is a strange one at that. If he gets elected and the CEA is passed, he’ll resign the presidency and the vice president will take over.
But no sitting president can focus exclusively on a single issue. After all, it’s the US presidency. Given that, we asked Lessig questions on his odds of winning, his position on copyright, the war on terror, and even who he’d tap as a Supreme Court justice:
Ars Technica: You say the US political system is essentially broken. Given that it is so broken, what would you say the odds are of you winning?
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