Kilton Public Library

The New Hampshire library, which last week took down a Tor relay after federal authorities read about it on Ars, has finally restored its important link in the anonymizing network.
The node was turned back on Tuesday evening immediately after the board of the Kilton Public Library in Lebanon voted to do so.

.@LebLibraries Tor relay game strong! @libraryfreedom @torproject #KiltonLibrary
— Nima Fatemi (@mrphs) September 16, 2015

As Ars reported earlier, the goal of the Library Freedom Project is to set up Tor exit relays in as many of these ubiquitous public institutions as possible. As of now, only about 1,000 exit relays exist worldwide. If this plan is successful, it could vastly increase the scope and speed of the famed anonymizing network. For now, Kilton has a middle relay but has plans to convert it to an exit relay. A middle relay passes traffic to another relay before departing the Tor network on the exit relay.
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