(credit: Ramar Larkin Jones)

As soon as Ramar Larkin Jones he got wind that lawyers from The Pokémon Company objected to the Pokemon-themed party he had planned in August, he shut it down.
But that’s far from the end of it. Pokémon’s lawyers aren’t letting go—they refused to dismiss the case against Jones unless he coughs up $4,000 by mid-November. Jones, who described his plight to Geekwire, says he just hasn’t got the money.
“I work in a cafe and I literally don’t have $4000,” Jones wrote on a fundraising page he set up to try to satisfy Pokémon’s demands for cash. “I wish they would have just sent a cease and desist because I had no problem dropping the party but I just don’t have $4000 to pay in the next 45 days.”
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