Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer before his conviction, in 2012. (credit: pinguino k)

Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer, the hacker who was once sent to prison for sharing 114,000 e-mail addresses of iPad users, says he has plotted a new revenge.
Weev’s conviction and three-year prison term was overturned on jurisdictional grounds last year. But in an “open letter” sent today to two federal prosecutors by e-mail and posted on Twitter, Auernheimer says he will reveal private information about Department of Justice prosecutors who have attempted to cheat on their wives.
“The statements of prosecutors should be inviolate, and yet all around the country you have continually spewed nothing but lies in federal criminal cases,” writes Auernheimer. “Even the most sacred personal oath that a man can take is a rotten joke to people like you: a promise of commitment to one’s wife. We have located a number of US Attorneys within the Ashley Madison dataset using the resources of the taxpayer (offices, computers, paid time, and Internet connections) to attempt to cheat on their wives.”
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