Jim Schaff of Yardarm demonstrates the readings that pop up when a gun is holstered, unholstered, and fired at a shooting range in San Jose, California, on Thursday, September 10, 2015. The sensor can alert dispatchers when an officer pulls his or her weapon and when shots have been fired, and transmit the location back to dispatch. (credit: Sarah Rice for Reveal)

SANTA CRUZ, Calif.—Amid the ongoing debate over officer-involved shootings, the county sheriff’s office in this California beach town was the first law enforcement agency in the world to test new technology: a tiny sensor that records any time a deputy’s gun is fired.
Yardarm Technologies Inc., the Silicon Valley startup that makes the sensor, has had only one other testing ground so far—a small police force in Texas—which abandoned the product in January after officials decided it wasn’t a viable technology for the department.
The biggest difference between the two pilot projects? A sheriff gung ho about technology who recently retired and now advises the company.
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