“Uber fills its website with images of young women entering and exiting vehicles, who are meant to appear ‘safe,'” a new lawsuit complains. (credit: Uber)

Two women who say they were victimized by their Uber drivers sued the company yesterday, claiming that it fails to sufficiently screen new drivers and doesn’t do enough to ensure rider safety.
The lawsuit (PDF), filed by two Jane Doe plaintiffs in San Francisco federal court yesterday, describes an alleged sexual assault and a rape that happened earlier this year.
Jane Doe 1 lives in Boston, where she went to a party in February 2015, and her friend called an Uber around 2:30am. After dropping off her friends, the driver, Abderrahim Dakiri, sexually assaulted her. “When the vehicle was stopped at a red light, Dakiri began groping Ms. Doe 1 in the crotch, upper thigh, and top of her pants,” the complaint states. “Ms. Doe 1 was shocked and terrified.”
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