Yamaha unveiled Motobot this week, a robot that rides its R1M motorcycle surprisingly well. The bike has training wheels on both sides, just in case of accidents, so Motobot isn’t quite ready to take to the streets. Yamaha believes developing Motobot will make for safer and smarter motorcycles in the future, and beyond that, we think it looks really, really cool.
Adaware is a Japanese company hoping to make a splash in the virtual reality market via an unlikely source: virtual reality teddy bears. The concept includes the ability for the headset wearer to see through the teddy bear’s eyes, move its head, and even control its arms with an Xbox controller. Inventor Tatsuki Adaniya thinks it could be used for long-distance communication with a personal touch, but we love the idea of this VR bear in a classroom or therapy environment for children.
We’re also talking about Protopiper, a modified tape gun that allows designers and inventors to make life-size wireframe prototypes in real space. It might not be a product everyone can get major use from, but it’s potentially helpful for size and depth prototypes at the earliest phases of design, which might save a company some cash during development since it wouldn’t have to pony up for more expensive mockups too early on.
This week’s Mod Squad is Colin Furze’s beautifully executed (pun intended!) hidden knife and rope launcher gauntlets. They’re modeled after the same pieces in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, and even though it’s a bit of a promo video (Ubisoft sponsored the build), we’re impressed with the final product.
Oh, and before we forget…congrats to long-time fan Neil on the birth his first child (and our newest TD fan, obviously) — welcome to the world, Jensen!

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266: Yamaha’s Motobot rides a motorcycle, is cooler than us
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